Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do: Cover Page Ideas

So here are some cover page ideas for the book.

Dig: Moomin :) by Tove Jansson

Here are some beautiful illustrations by Tove Jannson, a Swedish- Finn novelist, painter, illustrator and comic strip author, among other works, The Moomin books. Her work has been inspirational in terms of colour, visual elements and composition for my cover page. Here are some Moomin illustrations.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do: Background Pop-up

The background mustn't interfere with the pop-up. Therefore I'm trying to make it as simple as possible. Amma's been placed to give an idea of the juxtaposition with the foreground and the background.


Crouch Lift

Hanging Back


Spin I (with natural background)

Spin II (other background)

Torso Rock


Rocking Horse


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do: The Charcters Laser Cut

Here they are! Shiny newly laser cut characters of the book. A little soot around the edges but over the colour, no one will notice. :D

I need to just tweak some bits so the edges don't tear off.

Betony's Bunnies Book by Kickcan and Conkers

An idea of how simple a book can be and still look interesting. The way she has made use of her pages and also the play with text is very sweet. Thank you Nalu (

Monday, March 22, 2010

Do: My new and improved Ammas :)

Showed the class my socialist realist work of art :) and seeing it in print was very different. The skin tones didn't really go well with the colour of the saree, although some of them did manage to compliment each other. So I decided to stick to two colours. Blue and Pink. Here is (hopefully) the final look.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do: Skin for Amma

Black worked really nicely much like the Persepolis characters, but some said that it might scare the child. So here are a few skin tones that I thought worked.

And then I got bored and created this artwork (not a part of the book) :)

Do: Kite Paper and Block Printed Apparel

Because mostly everyone liked Amma dressed in fabric and I liked her dressed in kite paper, I thought I'd merge the two together. So one afternoon I did some block printing on the paper and this is how it turned out.

I think it works much better. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carlos Meira's Paper Sculptures

Some beautiful paper sculptures by Carlos Meira on the Carnival. Fantastic detail with the feathers and the shading. I love the colour in the foreground and the grey tones in the back. And he gives us a sneak peak into his process.

Also some remarkable work done for a Soccer Player's Project.

Do: Content Concept I

O-K after much rummaging around, I found the poet in me. :D Here is the first draft of one content idea for the book.

Concept: The toys are tired of playing with Adi and Aanchal. They whine to Amma & Pappa after which Amma and Pappa agree to become their playground. The toys feel jilted and want to play too.

Something strange was happening that day,
The toys were too tired, they wouldn't come out and play
"My wings are limp," cried Boeing 747,
"My tires have burnt," groaned the Speed Racing cars,
"The tea has dried up," squealed Ms. Teacup,
"And my cheeks hurt so much," snapped Dolly dolled up.

Adi and Aanchal with their heads down low,
went up to Amma sobbing to let her know.
"Our toys don't want to play with us,"
Amma smiled, "I'll be your playground! No need to fuss."
Glemaing with glee, they held her hands tight,
"Ready?' her eyes squinted, her face ever so bright.

Her legs took off from the ground,
Amma hoisting her high,
And round and round they spun,
like their toy plane ready to fly
They giggled together, a high pitched sound,
"Faster.. faster!" Aanchal squealed,
"Amma be my Merry-go-round.. and round.. and round.."

"More?" Amma panted.

"I still can't reach it," as hard as he tried,
As Adi looked at the cloud, his arms open wide.
"Can't reach what?" Amma asked looking keen,
"The turtle shaped cloud," pointed Adi, "only not green."
Higher and higher bounced Adi in her arms,
"Be my Trampoline Amma, you're my good luck charm."

"Neigh.. neigh," sounded Amma, head shaking,
"Can you guess which animal's sound I am making?"
"Is it a bear? A cow? It's a goat!" Aanchal guessed,
Amma pulled her closer, "I know you know it, try your best."
Aanchal thought and thought as hard as she could,
And suddenly she turned to her room where it stood,
"It rocks, it neighs, it eats carrots.. Of course!
I know who you are Amma, you are my Rocking horse!"

"But I like rocking with you more," Aanchal smiled.

"How are wrestlers so strong?" Adi wondered to himself,
And ran up to Pappa who was cleaning the book shelf.
"I want to be a wrestler too," Adi said whining,
"I also want muscles, big, round and shining."
"Hundred, two hundred push ups they say,
Five glasses of milk and spinach everyday,"
said Pappa to Adi with a mischievous grin,
"Yuck! Spinach?" Adi grumbled,
"Can't you just be my Jungle Gym?"

Bump, bump, jerk, bump,
the car jumped over the Milky-way hump.
Catching up fast on the other two cars,
As Adi imagined a race to planet Mars.
A storm of meteorites coming his way,
"Oh no! What now?" Adi screams in dismay,
steering Amma's hands left and then right,
"I'm your Bumping car," Amma cheered, "Now hold on tight!"
And they dodged every meteor in sight..

...right up to the finish line.

The wheels of the bus go round and round,
What goes up, must come upside- down.
"Your lips are your eyes, your feet are your head."
Giggled Amma at Adi to what he had said.
"And down we come, on the bottom round,"
She said, "Now your feet are on the ground."
Adi looked green, Amma asked "How do you feel?"
"I feel sick," he smiled, "It's O-K, be my Giant Wheel... again!"

A line of frogs behind one another,
Two baby frogs and then their mother.
Adi sat patiently as his eyes beamed,
"One just jumped over the other!" he suddenly screamed.
Pappa came running at the sound of his voice,
Adi grabbed his hands at once without a choice.
"I want to jump over mountains and seas,"
and pretend I am a giant and the world is as small as fleas.
So hoist me up and help me leap,
over the river, so wide and deep!
You be my Jumping Jack Pappa."

"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Superman!" Adi cheered,
As he ran around the living room, his face with chocolate smeared,
His bib had become his cape, wearing his underwear inside-out,
Running from one room to another, forgetting about his cake no doubt!
Amma grabbed her little hero, who couldn't sit still.
"Can you make me fly like him?" Amma smiled, "I sure will."
Adi held on to her, her arms locking in between,
In Superman position, he commanded, "Amma be my flying machine!"

"How would I feel if I were a ball?
Being bounced around all day by one and all.
How did the hedgehogs in Wonderland feel,
When Alice used flamingos as bats, Ouch! They must have squealed."
Aanchal went tugging Amma by the knee,
Amma put her on her lap and counted to three,
"Close your eyes tight, hold your hands in mine,
I'm your Bouncing ball darling, and you are my curious daughter divine."

The toys stood looking by the bedroom door,
Feeling sad and lonely much more than before.
"Adi and Aanchal look happy," they said,
And suddenly their frowns came to be smiles instead.
They hurried to Amma and yanked at her feet,
"Be our playground too Amma, without Adi and Aanchal,
we sure feel incomplete."

"Of course! From now on we will play together as a family," Amma chimed.

So here it is folks. Let me know what you think.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do: Kite and Fabric Apparel

Over the weekend I've was working on the apparel for the vectors, experimenting with fabric and kite paper. My next experiment is to work with block printing on the kite paper and see how that works.

The vectors with the fabric seem to be working really nicely. I need to carefully choose the texture and colours so that they don't look too heavy.

The kite paper gives a lovely texture to the vectors but the combination of colours don't work that well. The surface area of the colour might be too big. So next I'm going to try block printing on the kite paper and then mimicking the same technique. :)